Essential Oils

doTerra image 2Essential Oils have been used as plant based medicine for thousands of years!

We live in a culture where our bodies are bombarded with impurities.  Impurities in our food, in our air, in our water, in our personal care products and medication!


I believe that we need to take our health into our own hands… from eating locally grown, organic food, drinking pure, filtered water, regular exercise, and using clean, chemical free personal care products; products such as deodorant, hand sanitizers and more.

Did you know that pharmaceutical medication is the 3rd leading cause of death next to heart attacks and cancer?  Often medication cannot be avoided, but, more often, there are natural solutions that, I believe, need to be exhausted first.

Not all Essential Oils are created equal. Essential oils may say “therapeutic grade”, but because there is no regulation for essential oils, often only 30% of what’s in the bottle is actually pure and the rest is filler and/or synthetic ingredients!  Scary!

When I was looking for the purest Frankincense I could find for my husband, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2014,  I was thrilled to find this one company that made pure and amazingly powerful essential oils!

Quality Essential Oils

Each batch of essential oil goes through 12 different tests, with the third test being done by a third party!  Often when there is “in house” testing, impurities and synthetics are being discovered, to keep costs down.  With this company, there’s zero chance of that!

Each oil comes from a plant grown in their indigenous country where God intended for them to grow and flourish; at the right altitude, the right temperature, and they are harvested at just the right time for their highest level of efficacy and medicinal value!

These essential oils can be used topically, aromatically and in many cases (when applicable) internally!

I enjoy putting a drop of lemon in my water every morning.  My husband puts his pure frankincense under his tongue a few times a day.  We put lavender on our burns (from our wood stove :) ) and an amazing oil blend on the soles of our feet to improve our immune system!

Learn more about these wonderful essential oils from a company that has the highest standards available!  Get your very own oils at wholesale; there’s no monthly minimum.  Get a free membership when you purchase an enrolment kit.  Ask me for details.

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