Foot Reflexology Benefits

foot reflexology massage benefits

Experience the benefits of foot reflexology as pressure points and kneading are applied to your feet.  The foot is seen as a mirror image to the body.  Stimulation through massage to the nerve endings in your feet, benefit related areas throughout your body.  I start the session with a foot bath and usually offer healthy treats for you to enjoy while your feet are being treated. Experience the benefits of foot reflexology!

60 minutes $60.00

Foot reflexology is available by appointment only.

Monday to Saturday during the day

Wednesday and Thursday evenings

We are conveniently situated 15 minutes east of Leduc and 15 minutes south of Beaumont.  At Heartsong Wellness Cottage, you’ll enjoy our quaint country cottage with the sounds and smells of a crackling wood stove, during cooler temperatures.  Soft music greets you as you enter into your treatment setting.  Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are used to assist in the healing process.  You’ll leave feeling relaxed and restored!

Enjoy the benefits of foot reflexology at Heartsong Wellness Cottage!