Valentine Gift Certificates and Heart Health!

February 9, 2016

My February Newsletter will be featuring the romantic idea of buying your special someone a massage gift certificate from Heartsong Wellness Cottage for Valentine’s Day and, in keeping with the “heart” theme, talking about ways of keeping your heart healthy!

A Massage for Valentine’s Day!massage pix 011

What a wonderful way to show that special someone that you love them, by giving them a gift certificate from Heartsong Wellness Cottage.  They’ll be welcomed with soft music and a crackling fire while their muscle tension is gently being worked out

For my existing clients in the Leduc area, why not receive a massage in the comfort of your own home (for an additional $5 per person)?  I can bring my portable massage table  where there are 2-3 people to massage!  It’s kinda nice not to have to go anywhere after your massage – just crawl into your jammy’s (not me though….I’ll be driving home)  :)

HAVE A HEART!bigstock-Heart-in-the-hands-26938142

I’m sure you all know by now, that I LOVE hearts! My business name, Heartsong Wellness Cottage; my heart shaped decorations and gem stones and our anniversary is on February 13th.  February is also “heart health” month!

I’ve read that it’s something like 50% of north Americans have some form of heart disease and 60% of youth between 15-19 are already showing plaque in their arteries!  Yikes!

Inflammation plays a big part in heart disease, from high blood pressure, high cholesterol to stroke and heart attacks.

Heart Health Foods!

There are foods that help to reduce inflammation and cholesterol which may help prevent and even reverse heart disease.  Foods high in sulfur such as garlic and onions are recommended as well as green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach.

Hazardous Heart Foods!

Processed food and high sodium foods should be avoided or at least greatly reduced.  Not to be a party pooper, but sugar, caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided.  I notice with myself, that when I have salty food from restaurants, baileys, coffee and store bought sweets, I can feel my heart pounding and skipping a beat.  My daughter heard my heart pounding when she rested her head on my shoulder!  Not good.

Heart Support using Supplementsheartsong wellness supplements

Supplements that are kind to your heart are Omega 3’s, CoQ10 and Magnesium.  A company that I truly trust to offer supplements that are absorbable and effective, is Nature’s Sunshine.  I support both Avena Originals and Nature’s Sunshine.  They’re both unique and offer different products, but are high quality and highly effective.  I’ll have a website connection link soon with Nature’s Sunshine.  Although, if you’re interested in purchasing something now already, I can order it for you and it arrives in 2 days!

I also like making myself “golden milk” in the evenings (when I remember).  Turmeric has many wonderful properties (including cancer fighting properties) such as helping to reduce inflammation.  The thing with turmeric though, in order for it to be absorbable, you need to heat it up, such as in milk (of any form, ie. almond, etc.) and add a bit of honey with about ½ tsp turmeric.  It’s great before bed.  The other way you can help turmeric to be more absorbable is by adding black pepper with it.

Essential Oils Traditionally Used for Reducing High Blood Pressure

Essential Oils that support your heart are lavender, frankincense and ylang ylang.  You can check them out here to learn more about each oil and their other healing properties or to place an order.  (Before placing an order though, email me and depending on how many oils you would like, it may be less expensive to become a member and get them at wholesale.  If it’s a one-time order, then retail is the way to go.)

Enjoy the rest of your week!  As I write this blog post/newsletter, 93.1, the Leduc Country Radio Station brought me a dozen red roses.  I won second prize in a love letter contest that I wrote for Willie (my husband) for our 17th anniversary!  They’re beautiful!

My goal is to have completed my Iridology Certification by the end of February or the end of March!  Yay!  I’m almost done!

This month, I will also be offering Aroma-touch - using essential oils in a sequential way to promote relaxation and health.  I’ll fill you in on the details once I’m certified by the end of February!

These are exciting times!  I feel so blessed to be able to offer you a variety of ways toward your wellness goals.

Shalom!  (meaning: peace, wholeness, health, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, rest and harmony)

Annette Issler








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