The Art and Science of Iridology

The eyes have been known as the window of the soul.  They are also the window to your body’s health.  Your iris is like a finger print and is distinctly unique.  Iridology is a wholistic system that reflects your physical, emotional and mental well-being as well as your genetic strengths and weaknesses through nerve fibers connected to your cells, tissues and organs.

This session is broken into two appointments.  The first appointment will involve a photo session of your irises as well as the whites of your eyes.  Your second appointment will take place approximately one week later, where I will go over your analysis.

What’s included in your iridology session?

You receive your iridololgy analysis – this does not diagnose anything, but focuses on genetic strengths and weaknesses as well as the potential for certain illnesses or weakened nerve energy to certain organs.

You will receive suggestions for foods to eat as well as which foods to avoid.

Suggestions will also be made for supplements.  This, of course, is optional.  Some supplements can be picked up at the health food store, while others I carry or will order for you.

Essential oils are also included in the recommendation – for emotional well being.

I select an inspirational quote that I feel may resonate with you and bring you peace and hope.

How much?

This session is $120 and is to be paid during the first appointment during your photo session

Another, less expensive alternative!

For a basic analysis, there is another option.  Visit my website (Iridology at a Glance).  Take a picture of your own iris and email it to me.  If the quality is acceptable, you will receive a basic analysis for $40 which can be paid using e-transfer or paypal.