Massage Therapy

DSCN2111-001At Heartsong Wellness Cottage, I am a registered massage therapist and offer quality massages  from my  cozy country cottage setting!  

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Evening appointments are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Daytime appointments are available Monday to Saturday afternoons


It has been an honour to be a massage therapist in the Leduc area since 1999 because I have the privilege of bringing relief to my clients, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.


You can even book a massage together with a friend or spouse. I have a comfortable couch to relax on before or after your turn for your massage.  Some bring a book or a craft and some just daydream or snooze.

My massages are deep tissue when they need to be.  However, I always adapt my pressure to meet the needs of my client.   With my extensive training and experience, I have been given the opportunity to help people with back and shoulder pain as well as with chronic headaches.



Experience the benefits of the following massages that I offer:



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Relaxation Massage

Melt away your stress with a relaxation massage while enjoying soft instrumental music and the sound of a crackling fire in the background. The benefits of a relaxation massage are many and varied. Read more…





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 Deep Tissue Massage

Reduce aches and pains.  Every specific muscle that needs attention is treated with a blend of massage techniques that will leave you feeling great!  Though a bit of discomfort is to be expected, I do all that I can to ensure that I am massaging within my client’s pain tolerance.  I attempt to reduce tight muscles as gently as possible.  I specialize in back, hip and neck pain. Read more…



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 Foot Reflexology

Experience deep relaxation massage therapy as pressure points and kneading are applied to your feet.  The foot is seen as a mirror image to the body and stimulation to the nerve endings in your feet benefits related areas throughout your body.  I start the session with a foot bath and usually offer healthy treats for you to enjoy while your feet are being treated. Read more…


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This extremely gentle modality, slowly guides your lymphatic fluid to your lymph nodes.  If you are experiencing water retention, migraines, a poor immune system, you may wish to try MLD to assist your body to heal itself.  It is a very relaxing and yet beneficial treatment. Read more…





Testimonials From Happy Clients!

“Massages by Annette provide a full sense experience with perfect country setting, tranquil music, relaxing room fragrance and just the right amount of pressure for sore muscles.”

Heidi S. West Edmonton


“I look on my calender and and jump for joy!  Today is my massage appointment.  As soon as I get into my car my stress starts to dissipate as I drive to my favorite little cabin in the country.  A crackling fire and a warm welcoming smile greet me upon arrival.  All the tension and knots in my body flee with Annette’s therapeutic touch.  The conversation and relaxation are delightful, what a perfect evening!”

Jennifer S.  Wetaskiwin, AB


“Massage can be a very intimate experience. When you’re not completely comfortable with your massage therapist, it can be difficult to entirely relax, which inhibits the effectiveness of the massage. Annette is only one of two massage therapists that I have tried that I am comfortable enough with to get the most benefit from the massage (the other being my sister-in-law in Ontario). This is not to say that the other massage therapists are no good, only that Annette’s personality puts me at ease and I can fully relax.

In addition to having a relaxing personality, Annette is a very good massage therapist. One of the things she has helped me with is the position of my shoulders. I dislocated my right shoulder in January of 1997 and my left in December of 2003. As a result, my shoulders would sit too far forward due to imbalanced muscle tension between my back and chest. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of physiotherapists and massage therapists, but it wasn’t until my third massage with Annette that my shoulders naturally went back to where they’re supposed to be. This has been a major factor in pain free training in the gym.”

Dóminus tecum,

Russell J. G.,  O.F.S.  Leduc, AB


In case nobody has told you lately – you are amazing!!! Yesterday afternoon I started to feel some relief from the pain.  As today wore on I got brave.. I almost finished painting my bedroom! Right now I am pain free – I feel like a million bucks. For 2 weeks I’ve been popping pain pills & still feeling crummy.  Your hands are magic and your heart has truly blessed me.  Thank you so much!! :)


Linda F.

Leduc, Alberta