Relaxation Massage Benefits

relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is also known as Swedish massage.  It’s different than therapeutic or deep tissue massage in that the strokes are long and slow and include gentle kneading.  Existing knots are worked gently and the routine continues to flow past the knots.

It’s very relaxing and has a sedating effect!  In relaxation massage, the whole body receives a massage (ie the back, legs, arms, head and neck) unlike deep tissue/therapeutic massage where the emphasis is on tight muscles generally found in the back  and neck.

Consider the average person’s lifestyle and perhaps you can relate:

They may have a stressful, fast paced job.  They may be rushing their kids to different sporting events after work.   They may have financial stress or worry about the health of a loved one.  Our bodies are not designed to be under constant stress. Yet many of us choose to take on more than we should and then suffer the consequences in time.

Some people have the perception that there are no physical benefits in receiving a relaxation massage.  However, relaxation massage helps your body heal itself in the following areas:

  • sleep is often improved
  • blood pressure is often lowered
  • lymphatic drainage  is improved, allowing your body to naturally detoxify
  • immune system is strengthened
  • circulation improves which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells
  • calms the nervous system creating a sense of well being
  • reduces headaches

relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a wonderful treatment to receive simply to reduce tension caused by stress.

This fact alone, helps to reduce stress related insomnia, stress related headaches, stress related anxieties, stress related temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ disorder) caused by clenching the teeth.

Imagine receiving your relaxation massage at Heartsong Wellness Cottage.  The treatment begins with your drive into the country, only 15 minutes outside of Leduc.

You’ll pass by rolling hills, trees, farms and sometimes even wildlife.  Enter the massage cottage and hear the fire crackling in the winter, smell the aroma of the wood burning with a hint of pure, therapeutic essential oils in the air.  Soft instrumental music is playing in the background combined with the sounds of nature.

All of this can be enjoyed while receiving your relaxation massage with long, gentle strokes and gentle kneading, addressing your stressed muscles.

Feel the tension melt away!

When the treatment has come to an end, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and renewed.  Your worries may even seem reduced as you leave with fresh hope and increased energy.

If only we could do this everyday!  But even if it’s once a week or once a month, you’ll notice the benefits of a regular relaxation massage.

60 minutes $80.00; 90 minutes $105.00

Relaxation massage available by appointment only.

Monday to Saturday during the day

Wednesday and Thursday evenings

We are conveniently situated 15 minutes east of Leduc and 15 minutes south of Beaumont.  At Heartsong Wellness Cottage, you’ll enjoy our quaint country cottage with the sounds and smells of a crackling wood stove, during cooler temperatures.  Soft music greets you as you enter into your treatment setting.  Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are used to assist in the healing process. 

You’ll leave feeling relaxed and restored!