I will be holding workshops in my cottage on a variety of topics!  From Cooking with essential oils, Emotional Aromatherapy, Essential Oils 101, Living a Non-toxic Lifestyle Using Essential Oils as well as learning about essential oils that were used in Biblical times. Soon, I’ll offer some of these tutorials on YouTube – once I get up enough nerve. Space is limited!

Emotional Aromatherapy

Angry emotion Negative experiences or memories can create negative emotions and effect us at a cellular and chemical level.  Essential oils have emotional components to them which may help support us emotionally as we gradually release the negative emotions and receive and replace them with positive ones.  They foster the right environment for healing. Come and experience these oils!

Spice it up!

cooking with EO Cooking with essential oils!  Learn about what to look for in essential oils and how to use them in cooking!   These oils are Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade and beyond anything you’ve experienced!

Living a Non-Toxic Lifestyle!

Workshops Living a Non-toxic lifestyle DoTerra Essential Oils

Learn how essential oils can be incorporated into your life, making your life less toxic!  You will be learning about essential oils and will receive recipes on making some of your own products for a healthier you! If you wish, these workshops can be held in the comfort of your own home (in the Leduc area) together with a couple of friends.  Receive a free bottle of essential oil, if you host a class.

Essential Oils 101

essential-oils-101-class This is a wonderful basic tutorial where I cover the many healing properties of about 10 different essential oils and their many uses.  These oils offer natural solutions to every day living!  You’re gonna love them!

Essential Oils from the Bible

Bible Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years and have been referenced over 300 times in Bible!  Learn which oils were used and why!

More class options to be posted soon!  Also, visit my Facebook group, Heartsong Wellness Cottage and Joyful Essentials by Heartsong, for upcoming workshops.