Welcome To Heartsong Wellness Cottage

At Heartsong Wellness Cottage, it is my desire to help my clients find relief from pain and stress by practicing massage therapy, foot reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage or iridology.  I also like to implement aromatherapy into my practice for additional health benefits. Quality products are available for purchase that are of exceptional quality with proven results.




Heartsong Wellness Cottage 

offers a variety of services and products

that support your well being!



Heartsong Wellness Cottage offers massage therapy (both deep tissue and relaxation), manual lymphatic drainage,  foot reflexology and iridology!

I also offer products like pure, safe, essential oils,  Berkey Water Purifiers  and high end supplements, such as Avena Originals,  Tri-Pow Greens and  Juice Plus+!


Now, under one roof,

you can enjoy all that Heartsong Wellness Cottage

has to offer!


massage pix 004Massage Therapy

Feel restored and renewed after receiving either your therapeutic or relaxation massage, foot reflexology or manual lymphatic drainage. Join me in my cozy country massage cottage!



doTerra image

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, supporting the body by enabling it to heal itself!  My oils are “Certified Pure and Therapeutic Grade” which allows me to use them with confidence on my clients during a massage.  I also teach workshops on how to use them in your cooking, cleaning and personal care products and more.   These oils are also available for sale and I would be happy to set up a wholesale account for you.


berkey water purifiers

Water Purifiers

Berkey® really is the ultimate in water purification!  Because you are what you drink, Heartsong Wellness offers these amazing water purifiers.  No power is needed and they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, parasites as well as unhealthy chemical contaminates and impurities from different water sources while leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


heartsong wellness supplementsSupplements

Heartsong Wellness is proud to carry a few different lines of high quality, highly absorbable supplements.  Companies like Avena Originals and Tri-Pow Greens will provide you with all your natural supplement needs for greater health!