Happy Customers :)

Here's What Clients Have To Say!

"I love the atmosphere of the little cottage.  With the music playing and the fire in the wood stove, you start to relax before the massage even begins.  Annette is a very friendly person who demonstrates a concern for those she treats.  Her massage techniques vary from a therapeutic firmness to a relaxing gentleness depending on what your body and mood requires.  She is one of the best I have been treated by.  I have back trouble and tightness in my shoulders that periodically cause headaches severe enough to prevent me from my daily activities.  Not only are Annette's massages effective for reducing pain, I have some time to relax and enjoy myself.  Annette's massages make me feel great and allows me to enjoy life pain free."

 Dellyn B., Homemaker, St. Albert, Alberta

"My hands and arms were constantly numb and aching.  Medication and chiropractic treatments were not helping me.  I was looking at surgery and disability from work.  From the very first massage, Annette has helped me so much and has given such relief whether from a therapeutic massage, relaxation massage or foot reflexology.  I'm very thankful to her.  I have to also say that I love Annett'e little log ccabin nestled among the trees.  I get such a cozy feeling when I walk inside it to see the wood burning stove in the corner, feel the warmth coming from it, hear the crackling fire.  Before Annette's massages even begin, I start releasing my day's stress."

Wendy H., Nurse, Leduc, Alberta

"I found Annette Issler, thanks to a friend and collegue.  I was a mess:  stressed out and as tight as a drum.  Then this angel with magic fingers found the tight spots and coaxed them into release, pulling the tension out of my body.  In only an hour, I went from a bundle of stress to a relaxed person looking forward to the drive home!  The drive out of town lets me unwind, the settng is a mini retreat and the massage is a gift of grace."

B. Kim S., Educator, Leduc, Alberta

"Massage can be a very intimate experience.  When you're not completely comfortable with your massage therapist, it can be difficult to entirely relax, which inhibits the effectiveness of the massage.  Annette is only one of two massage therapists that I have tried that I'm comfortable enough with to get the most benefit from the massage (the other being my sister-in-law in Ontario).  This is not to say that the other massage therapists aren't good, only that Annette's personality puts me at ease and I can fully relax.

In addition to having a relaxing personality, Annette is a very good massage therapist. I dislocated both of my shoulders years ago and, as a result, my shoulders would sit too far forward.  Over the years I've seen a number of physiotherapists and massage therapists, but it wasn't until my third massage with Annette that my shoulders naturally went back to where they were supposed to be.  This has been a major factor in pain free training in the gym!"

Russell J.G., O.F.S., Edmonton, Alberta

"In case nobody has told you lately - you are amazing!!!  Yesterday afternoon I started to feel some relief from the pain.  Later today, I got brave and almost finished painting my bedroom!  Right now I am pain free and feel like a million bucks!  For 2 weeks I've been popping pain pills and still felt crummy.  Your hands are magic and your heart has truly blessed me.  Thank you so much!"

Linda F., Leduc, Alberta

A testimonial for my new "Head to Toe" massage treatment: 

"I knew immediately after leaving your place that I felt very good.   I always assumed that in order to alleviate stiffness and pain, I had to have my back and neck massaged. But, surprisingly, the head massage relieved a lot of the tension that builds up and it felt as if you had massaged my whole body!

I'm not usually a big foot massage person, but I did notice when I walked on the treadmill, that aches that were there when I walked the day before, were gone.  I actually also slept better!"

Wendy G., Leduc, Alberta